Office Design Specialists
Planeación de Espacios was  born from the idea of creating spaces where design inspires human potential and exalts life.

Transform environments where people live and work, helping them to achieve their full potential. While applying the important factor of space efficiency, performance areas and with a look to the future needs of the company, which is closely related to the costs themselves. Born under these parameters in 1983, being of the few companies specializing in this type of service and vision. It offers architects , engineers and designers who want to listen, learn and invent alternatives that contribute and enrich the project. The experience of our team is based on offering the best Project and Design internationally.

“Where design inspires human potential and celebrates life”

We have the ability to perform the following tasks:

  • Scheduling
  • Design
  • Furniture selection / Competition and Buy
  • budgeting
  • Construction
  • Move In
  • Waterproofing